COVID-19 Company Instruction
Please read before visiting our office
COVID-19 Company Instruction
Please read before visiting our office

What Makes Our Company Different & Better?

Services Spectrum


CMSI is a company specialized in selling and repairing banknote counters. We also deliver different products in the financial branch on request. Our company is part of two worldwide well-established organizations who are leaders in cash management technology. All our products are manufactured based on international standards.

Skilled Pros

We have experienced and professional technicians working over 15 plus years in the financial sector and they are part of the CMSI family.

Professional Tools

We are currently in a transition of branding two world class money counter machines. CMSI is Authorized PRODUCTS/ PARTS dealer & brand representative of the delivered products in Suriname.


Our motto is loud and clear “When it comes to Cash Security is Key”. So we want to continue that in our service. It is very important that every client has equal rights when buying a bank note counter or POS software for financial use, because the base in this branch is security.

Welcome to Tech Support & Our Quality Care Services!

Problems with your machine or software?
Don’t worry, feel free to contact us. Our technical staff will be ready to assist you 24 hours.

You can reach us at these numbers:

  • (+597) 470-705
  • (+597) 723-8072

An overview of some our products

Money Counters-Sorters

Coin Counters-Sorters

Cash Strapping & Shrink Wrapping

4 in 1 Folding Machines

ATM Hardware & Software

Cash Management Consultancy


Spare Parts & Accessories

Quotation Request

If you need any help in deciding the best software or hardware for your company, please don’t hesitate to call us! Are you in need of spare parts? Contact us today.

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