All products offered by CMSI for sale are serviced professionally by well-trained technicians.
Machines and accessories that you have not bought from us but fall under the same brands that we sell can be serviced. We also do the service of machines with a different brand.

After Sale:

After Sale at CMSI is 100% guaranteed. With every new purchase of our products you receive a warranty policy sheet, this is also your guarantee proof. See the Warranty Policy CMSI below.



All of our products are warranted for 9 months from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. If we agree that the product has such a defect, we will repair or replace it (at our sole discretion) free of charge for you. Modifying a product invalidates the warranty. Removing the barcode sticker with warranty notice on the machines will result in expiring of your warranty.

The minimum waiting time to service any machine is 2-months. If the client ignores the reminder given by the Quality Care Department and there is no response after 2-months the warranty will expire.

Warranty policy tip: when plugging in your money counter with voltages 100 – 130 v make sure the on / off button is at 0


What is not covered under warranty?

Our warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, abnormal use, overloading, general wear and tear not following instructions, transportation damage, lack of maintenance, negligence & fading.

If your product is outside the warranty period or terms, we will happily repair your product for a reasonable charge.

Any loss, consequential loss or damage to any person or property directly or indirectly as a result of using this product is, expressly excluded.


Products Durability

Each product has a lifespan of at least 3 years and a maximum of 4.5 years. Especially if this product is used on a daily basis. The same goes for machines that are used to do heavy duty works.



All our clients are registered in our system. This to fast track your purchase if a problem occurs. You’ll also get information and news from us, which we’ll try to make really relevant to you.


What we need from you

All claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt to verify the date and place of purchase. Only the original owner is covered by this warranty.