ATM Hardware & Software

ATM Hardware & Software


XP platform and Pentium processors handle heavy transactions and can handle multiple vendor solutions. Value Added features: automated bill payment services, stored value Cards and check cashing with the option of a sidecar. Monimax 5300 is a multi cassette ATM supporting up to 6,000 notes that gives Multiple pricing options and it is highly compatible with HK300 and HK 400 sidecar which gives flexibility In operations. Minimum space required.


Monimax 5600 is fully web-enabled offering various multimedia services through it. With high capacity receipt journal and cassette, Monimax 5600 is ideal for both on and off premise environment. Monimax 5600 guarantees enhanced security with compliance to UL291 Level 1 and to EMV Level 1 with two surveillance Cameras Power Supply AC100–240V, 50/60Hz Mode Mix mode, Different denomination mode, Count mode Display LCD Batching Configuration Preset: 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100


Monimax 7000D can be either the walk up type or drive up type depending on the installation environment and needs. It can be accessed from the side and rear with the highest security put in place. 3-Cassete/2000 notes, note by note rejection. Envelope depository.